Alexis Loves is a blog that focuses on minimalist beauty and effortless style. I love working with brands that share my aesthetic of beautiful simplicity.  Below are a few ways we can partner.  Please contact me here with any inquiries or requests: . 



Content Creation

If you are a beauty or fashion brand, Christian company, or lifestyle brand, I'd love to work with you!  Allow me to create organic & professional video, photo, or copy material for your website, Instagram, Pinterest, blog, etc.  I produce and create all content keeping the brands aesthetic and my unique style of storytelling in mind.  I only work with companies that I genuinely enjoy, so I can share the most honest and reliable work possible!  Email me here to begin.

Sponsored Posts

I'm so blessed to create for my crew of empowered, beautiful, and ambitious millennial women.  They engage with me through our email list, social media, and here on the blog!  I'd love to introduce them to your brand and/or products through sponsored posts on, Youtube, or Instagram.  Producing posts with like-minded brands that I would likely buy from anyway, is always a treat!  So if your brand is minimalist, modern, and fresh, let's work!


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There's nothing like working with other creatives! If you're a blogger, photographer, videographer, makeup artist, hair stylist, music producer, or any kind of visual artist, let's work together.  I'm open to video collaborations, giveaways, blog posts, or social media partnerships.  Iron truly sharpens iron, so let's perfect our crafts together!  Hit me up here so we can put something awesome into the world:)

Freelance Writing 

If you're a blogger who need help with writing content, I'm your girl!  As a 5 year blogger and lifetime writer, I love the art of creative journalism.  I was the former beauty editor of fashion mag, Tinsel Tokyo Magazine, as well as having served as a beauty contributor for several fashion publications.  Contact me here to help with your writing schedule and blog posts!

the Everyday Beauty

Watch me provide a make over to cancer survivor, Della, for the Beat Stage Three organization!  Click here to learn more about the Beat Stage Three foundation.

Beauty Consulting

In the world of countless Youtube beauty gurus, it's easy to get lost in the sauce!  Don't worry, I've got you.  If you are a complete newbie to makeup, or simply want to learn how to wear your makeup in a very natural way that simply ACCENTUATES your features, I can help you.  I offer beauty consulting to women who need help with any aspect of beauty from skincare to makeup basics.  I even offer cosmetic shopping consultations--because let's be real, those massive Sephora counters can give anyone a panic attack, lol!  

If you're unsure of what you need to purchase for your beauty need/wants, need to learn the basics of makeup, or want personalized coaching on wearing makeup suitable for your CUSTOMIZED style from a 10 year professional, I can assist you.  Contact me here!   

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Private Makeup Classes

Although I do try to travel as much as I can, right now, I'm based in my home state of Mississippi!  I create makeup tutorials on my Youtube channel, (click here to catch up! ) yet there's nothing like one on one training.

If  you're interested in personal makeup lessons, I'd love to set one up with you.  Whether you're someone who's never worn makeup before, a bride wanting to do her own wedding makeup & in need of help, a busy girl boss who has to nail down her perfect 'go to face', or a seasoned beauty junkie interested in learning pro level tips--I got you!  


If you're in Mississippi and want to book me for private makeup lessons, email me here.  

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