10 Reliable And Inexpensive Staples for Your Minimalist Wardrobe

Effortless Beauty, Effortless Style

The concept of effortless beauty and effortless style is not just in my blog's tagline, it's truly how I try to brand my lifestyle.  My wardrobe is incredibly simple, and my beauty routines may be even simpler, lol!  But I have managed to perfect them both, and have done some with my minimalist vibe in mind.  I love mixing and matching my core pieces to create totally new looks that I didn't know were possible.  If you want to be able to do the same, and possibly do MORE with your wardrobe, by owning LESS, keep on reading!

  this post may contain affiliate links; see more on affiliate links here.  

this post may contain affiliate links; see more on affiliate links here.  


Basic Components of a Minimalist Wardrobe

Now, first things first!  I'm in no way saying that you should only own these ten items in your entire clothing collection, that's a bit much!  However, feel free to take it there if you're serious about this decluttering your life thing!


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But, this post is simply to suggest living more minimally by

  • only owning/buying what you love and what you KNOW looks good on you
  • wearing what makes you FEEL confident and amazing
  • making these ten pieces the CORE of your wardrobe, allowing you to add more as you go

I have several versions of these ten core pieces, so I definitely advise having say, 2-3  of what you can swing for some of them.  For example, aim to have 2-3 really nice white tees, because having just one is just asking for a headache, lol!   I'm going to hop into some very basic components of a minimalist wardrobe, so we're off on the right foot, cool? Cool!



  • Access your closet situation firsthand.  Toss out what you don't absolutely love, what's ill-fitting and you've been in denial about (just toss it girl! lol), and what's not in line with your current style or style goals

  • Already have in mind what color palette makes you feel most confident, sexy, powerful, etc.  Plan to look for the staples below in those color first!

  • Have an organization plan--be able to get to things quickly & easily!  That's the biggest plus of owning less in my opinion, the time saved by having less options AND having them neatly stored is so clutch!


  • Impulse buy!  A minimalist closet is a well planned out, intentional type of situation.  You likely will have stalked that pair of black denim for at least a week now, and have a plan of attack mapped out on shop day.

  • Purchase things that you know you'll rarely wear!  I believe in having some key items for special occasions, but fifty percent of my closet isn't for those rare occasions.  Honestly, because I just don't go out that much, lol!  So all that to say, access your lifestyle--if you don't go to many cocktail events, you surely don't need excessive "just in case" cocktail dresses!

  • Stray away from the basics!  Fill your closet with the essentials that may seem boring at first thought--like high quality white collar shirts or a great pair of basic black booties.  The key to a minimalist wardrobe is making something out of "nothing".  Those items that seem really bland, come to life when you mix and match them, add accessories, and compliment them with some pretty makeup:-)


How to Have A Minimalist Closet

Having a simplified approach to your wardrobe is actually super simple.  Try not to overthink it, and follow this basic guideline to get started:

  • Scan your wardrobe for the things you can't live without
  • Put in a pile what you like, but can certainly do without
  • Go through this second pile, try on everything, and if you don't LOVE it, or it fits weird, prepare to donate!
  • From the pile of your absolute favorites, are there enough high-quality basics--white sneakers, tees, good denim, etc.?
  • Make a list of what you're lacking in the basics department, from what I'll show you below that should be in every minimalist closet.  From there decide on what you'll purchase to make sure you have some key pieces to be prepared for any look--even as a minimalist!

Who is This Lifestyle For?

When I think of the time, and money, I've saved adopting a minimalist lifestyle, I'm kinda wanna slap myself for not doing it sooner!  Anyone can benefit from living more minimally--you don't have to belong to some sort of hipster clique, it's for everyone, lol.  I think the word minimalist has gotten a ton of hype lately, which can make it sound intimidating, but it's honestly just about pairing down your lifestyle to the basics--so you can live more freely and enjoy life.



Pros of a Minimalist Wardrobe

  • money saved--you only buy what you love and consider a basic necessity
  • time saved--I don't spend hours searching through drawers of clothes; owning less shortens the options naturally
  • more creativity--by having less, you have to work your brain a bit more to stay feeling like you're on top of your game--style wise! But often I find in the challenge, I've come up with something even better than I would have before.

Cons of a Minimalist Wardrobe

  • If you're a shopaholic--you'll be miserable
  • You'll constantly have to access if something is a "necessity" or "an absolute must have", which can be stressful at first
  • There's a possibility you may experience some fomo starting out (fear of missing out), because other people in your life may not be minimalists and are always somehow buying new stuff, lol!  Spoiler alert:  You get over it, as those feelings of contentment with your new effortless lifestyle slowly roll in, don't even sweat it:-)

Have the Best of Both Worlds

Alright, there is a slight compromise if you feel like this whole minimalist wardrobe sounds a bit too much, too fast.  If investing in ten core pieces, and then rounding out your closet with only a few extra items outside of those pieces is too daunting of a task, try easing your way into it.  I suggest maybe having a minimalist approach with your dresses first, culling out the extras, keeping the absolute favs.  Then move on to your jeans/pants, gradually get to your tops/shirts, etc.  Sometimes slower is better because you want a lifestyle you can MAINTAIN, so take your time if need be!


10 Wardrobe Staples, You Need to Live More Minimally


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Here we are guys, my top ten staples for any minimalist wardrobe.  Again, you can have multiple of each category if you want, and your closet can surely have more than these things in them.  But if you're wanting to enjoy the benefits of a minimalist wardrobe, these are my core pieces, the ride or dies that you'll get a TON of wear out of!

Basic White Sneakers

This item is truly a great cornerstone in not just the minimalist, but everyone's wardrobe!  Having a pair of plain white sneakers sets you up for so much versatility with your style.  Dressing a pair of clean white trainers up or down is seriously so easy and quite fun honestly.  I love putting plain white sneaks with dresses or blazers to bring the look down a bit, as well as sticking them onto a super street look for comfort.  The options are limitless with this staple!

Quality White Tee

Just like basic white sneakers, securing a high-quality white tee can elevate your closet a million fold!  It'd probably be more beneficial to own 2 or 3 of these things to be real with you.  The classic white tee can, of course, stay super casual with jeans or track pants, yet it can switch up the vibe of your look by pairing underneath a dress or an expensive blazer.  Getting really creative with the styling of a great white tee is super easy.  Also, I included the description of 'high quality' tee, because it's a staple piece--which means you'll wear it over and over again.  I don't know about you, but when I plan to wear something a ton, I prefer it to be great quality.  This way, I have to repurchase less and can feel confident that it'll serve me well!

A Great Black Pant or Denim

By now, I'm pretty sure we've all established my dedication to the color black.  Listen, me and bae shall never part, you hear me?! lol.  But if you're not an all black everything connessieur as am I, you still need a good pair of black pants.  I prefer denim, but a more structured or trouser is just as good.  I know you would have expected me to say a good pair of jeans, but I think that kinda goes without saying.  You just KNOW to have 2-3 pair of fabulous, high quality jeans in your basic wardrobe.  But I think everyone forgets the power of a solid pair of black pants.  When styled with white sneakers it can bevcasual daytime wear, but when night time rolls around, you can totally look the part, with a pair of strappy heels are swapped in!

Classic Trench

The trench coat is every fashion crazed girl's secret weapon for looking expensive without actually having the coins, lol!  I love how the trench coat looks luxurious no matter the brand, so it's really not an out of reach staple for most people.  Look for good stitching in the buttons, and stretch in the sleeves, and you're good to go!  I prefer a simple black or brown trench, but there's a ton of really pretty patterened ones, just make sure it's something you can wear with multiple things.

Camel Coat

A camel coat is so effortless chic that I think everyone should own one, if possible.  It's subtle because by nature, camel is just subdued in tone, but still classy enough to stand out.  If you want to make a simple jeans and tee look a bit more elevated, throw on a came coat and some nude heels, and Bam!  You're ready to go pretty much anywhere instantly!  Not to mention the camel coat goes with so many colors, it can easily take on the versatility of a black coat.  So this kind of outerwear just works, whether you have a ton of colors in your closet or you stick to neutrals, it's a staple!

Wide Brim Fedora Hat

I love how the wide brim hat can make you look hipster cool, but not too hipster where you regret everything you've attempted to do with the look, lol!  My go to type of hat when I want to jazz up some basics is a flat or wider brim hat.  They just work, and literally NEVER go out of style.  There's a ton of versions of this hat, but my favorite brands to do them are Brook Brothers and Goorin Bros.  These hats last a super long time and you always look like you've got banging style when you wear them!

Chic Crossbody

Okay, I'm not going to deny a girl her handbag, even a minimalist girl!  However, I must say, I've noticed that quite a few of you who follow me on here or my Instagram, are on the go moms, entrepreneurs/aspirants, or just busy people in general.  With that in mind, I can't recommend a crossbody enough as your everyday bag.  I have a few legit totes and purses, but for my day to day running around, as a minimalist, a good crossbody is more than enough.  Make sure it's long enough for you hardcore essentials like phone, keys, cards, lip product, and that's it!  Crossbody bags also look really good with just about anything and give that effortless chic that we want.

Lace Up Booties

I feel like lace up booties have a really chill charm about them.  Booties in general can add a layer of chic to your classic jeans outfit, but when they're lace up booties, I think they look more like you "tried", lol.  A simple detail which can turn a simple jeans, flannel shirt, and booties, into a bit of a "look".  Add these with any really casual look that you want to edge up a little!


Fitted Moto Jacket

A super good quality motorcycle jacket is something I would trash all the other staples for in  a heartbeat.  Okay, maybe not a heartbeat.  Alright, alright, maybe not ALL the other staples, lol, but you feel me, yes?  I'm illustrating the point that a moto jacket is an absolute necessity of mine.  This amazing one I'm wearing was actually a trade off with a girlfriend of mine years ago.  However because it's amazing quality, it still looks new.  I'm not into buying a closet full of luxury only items, but when it comes to leather jackets, I do tend to prefer higher end. Simply because they feel better on, obviously last longer, and look a million times better!

Sleek Slip Style Dress

I discovered the power of a slip dress sometime last year and I'm forever changed.  There's a ton of blog posts about how to style a slip dress, and honestly they do such a great job, I'm not going to mess up a good thing. Thus I'll simply point you to this, this, or even this blog post, all about how to style a slip dress and why you need one!  Versatility, comfort, timelessness are just a few of the reasons you can benefit from having one as a staple in your wardrobe.  I personally always go for black and neutral with pretty much everything, but experiment and have fun with color here!


The Beauty of the Basics

What's great about this approach to style is that you always have everything you love at your fingertips and basically your whole closet becomes your 'favorites', lol.  This makes putting together looks super fast, easy, and painless!   I actually find I'm most creative when I have less to work with.  It's like being forced to get inventive every day with your wardrobe, and soon it becomes second nature!



So what about you guys, any absolute favorite items that you can't live without in your closet?  If you had to compose a 10 item only capsule, could you do it, and what would make the cut?! Again this post wasn't suggesting to have only 10 things in your closet, but to merely challenge you guys to live with a bit less.  Also, I wanted to help anyone struggling with decluttering, wanting to adopt a minimalist lifestyle, or seeking to curate a more simplified wardrobe.  It's totally doable with 10 basic staples, and then you can add intentionally from there! 

If I've helped you do any of those things, I'm glad, lol!  And be sure to share this post with your friends, and leave me a comment below! 




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