Makeup Artist turned Content Creator.

A 10 year beauty pro turned content creator and entrepreneur.  I'm here to inspire you to live simply and beautifully.

I make creative visuals for the busy millennial woman who chooses simplicity in all things.

You'll love it here if you like:

natural makeup tips & tricks

easy, affordable, and minimalist fashion looks

faith based hacks to life and living well

In a world of heavy makeup, I encourage women to seek a more natural approach to beauty.  


Known amongst my peers in the NYC fashion industry for my clean makeup techniques and effortless fashion style, I have since transferred those skills over to my growing Youtube channel & Instagram.  I make tutorials that highlight looking flawless with few products & uncomplicated applications (yes, no layers of makeup over here, lol) ! 

Alexis Loves was born in 2013, in Brooklyn, NY, as the creative outlet to a freelance fashion, celebrity, and film makeup artist.  Now it thrives in Mississippi, where I, said makeup artist, spend my time working with brands that share my belief of simple beauty & fashion to create content that you--that busy millennial woman--will find useful. I also produce videos that showcase my love of storytelling and journey of living a Christ centered life.

I use my knowledge and experience from being a makeup artist for a decade to educate women on how to look their best naturally.  I create tutorials for the minimalist who doesn't want to wear much makeup, to the busy mom boss who simply doesn't have time to do much.  My fashion tips are along the same philosophy of looking your very best, minimally! 

I aim to promote the goal of everyone mastering the art of living well...with less.  

With the blogger world being full of beautiful selfies, exotic trips, and superficiality for days, I aim for my platform to be a bit more substantial.  I hope to inspire you to cling to things that are eternal, life giving, and authentic.