Holiday Guide for Christian Women: How to Buy the Best Gift

Your ultimate shopping resource for Christian women--get the gift she'll love!


The Holiday Season Is Upon Us


It’s that time of year again, and is it just me or did 2017 go by at lightning speed? I’m shook. It was legit just early summer and now the holiday season is upon us. You know this time of year is awesome for hang time with the fam, catching up with friends we’ve neglected due to the daily hustle, and eating all our traditional favorites!

Another thing that pops up a lot this time of year is anxiety. That’s right, shopper’s anxiety! It sets in from the pressures of trying to find that “perfect” gift for those very special people. Look, I get it! Well, I’ve got something that should alleviate a little bit of the stress from your retail woes. I’ve put together a super cool gift guide for the young Christian woman, that I’m sure will make your holiday shopping a wee bit smoother!

How Gift Guides Help You Win

Gift guides are amazing!  They take the worry out of whether or not someone will like the gift you’ve invested in for them.  Usually someone who is just like the person you’re having trouble shopping for, prepares the gift guide-- this is why you can trust it!  For example, male bloggers often put together gift guides that are “exactly what your sports loving boyfriend wants this season”; or food bloggers will prepare gift guides recommending “what to get your foodie obsessed friend for Christmas”.  Get it?

Ok, so, this particular gift guide that I’ve created, is for the young woman who loves Jesus, because, well, I luh God!

* cue the Erica Campbell beat* lol.

No seriously, gift guides rock and you should totally utilize them to make your shopping this holiday season a bit easier and much much faster!

Who This Guide Is For

This guide if for you if you are:

  • The boyfriend of a young woman growing in her relationship with God.
  • The husband of an amazing woman of God, looking to strengthen her walk with Christ.
  • The gal pal of a young lady who is trying to have a better understanding of the Bible, or who seems interested in learning about Jesus.
  • A human who’s breathing, and wouldn’t mind being introduced to the freedom of living for God.

Alright ya’ll basically this guide is for anybody, lol!  But I’ve titled it as such, because a lot of these resources will be more enticing for my girls, because aesthetically, a lot of them are feminine, sorry guys!  So feel free to settle in and put your thinking caps on, to see which gift will best suit your girl!  Also prepare to click away, as I’ve the corresponding links below for you to do some lightweight research on what the items are about!


gift guide for Christian women Christmas 2017
gift guide for Christian women Christmas 2017

Shop the Gift Guide

*This post contains affiliate links where I earn a small percentage from sales made. See my full disclosure, click icon above.

  1. NIV, Beautiful Word Bible, Cloth over Board, Multi-color Floral: 500 Full-Color Illustrated Verses | $39.42

Now you KNOW the 1st item just had to be the Bible?! And this Bible is so cute! I don’t know about you guys, but when my “stuff” is cute, it makes me want to use it even more, lol! Each page is a colorful masterpiece, helping the word come alive with art! There’s also ample room for notes taking, so you can add your own artistic touch to this beautiful Bible.

  1. Pigma Micron Bible Study Kit (Set of 6) | $13.50

This little kit is it’s very own coding system for reading your Bible. It’s super cute and the whole color-coding concept makes reading your word not so mundane! Pigma Micron pens in black are my favorite to write with by the way, solid quality, and a great tool for writing down those Bible verses!

  1. Subscription Services: Bette’s Box of Blessings & Faithbox | $22-$29.99

I found out about this concept not too long ago, and I was kinda blown away. I’m sure you are familiar with subscription services like Birchbox or Curlbox, that send you new products to try every single month, and you pay a monthly subscription fee. Well, this is the exact same concept, only with Christian resources. How dope is that? I was able to receive a box from Bette’s Box of Blessings, and was so impressed with the creativity and quality of the items in the box. Something like this would make it feel like Christmas every month when purchased as a gift!

  1. My Sermon Notes Journal: An Inspirational Worship Tool To Record, Remember And Reflect | $6.29

You know how when you go to church and week after week you claim you’re going to reread over last week’s sermon later that day. Only to let another week go by and you can’t even find the scraps of paper you wrote said notes on?! No? Me neither. For those who DO have this problem, ahem, me, lol, this little journal is clutch! First of all, it’s cute, watercolor, and all things girly. Second of all, it lets you store all your sermon notes in 1 place, so each week you can locate what was covered and meditate on it throughout the week.

  1. Shields of Strength. | $6-99.99

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that back in the day, all I used to post about was fitness and weightlifting! Partly due to exercise being the catalyst to pull me out of depression a few years back, I wrote about that HERE, and also due to my overall obsession with working out! I love how faith and fitness go hand in hand with instilling discipline, self-control, and focus. All things that God approves ofJ. This brand is so cool to have fused the worlds of faith and fitness, and if you have a girl in your life that loves both worlds as well, she’ll love something from here!

  1. Christian Strong. | $15-24.99

The good people at Christian Strong were so kind to send me some apparel and I’m beyond pleased with it. Their aesthetic invokes my natural inclination to ath-leisure; you know athletic looking clothing that you can jazz up to whatever your vibe is. Yea, their stuff is PERFECT for that. Click here to see how I wore some of their pieces! For my fashion loving sisters in Christ, a gift from Christian Strong will be a win!

  1. The Complete C. S. Lewis Signature Classics | $26.99

I can 100% say the writings of C.S. Lewis are some of the foundational pieces of literature that has helped form my walk with Christ. He’s that dope. Lewis was a bold atheist before coming to know Jesus, so his perspective towards the faith is very relatable and honest. Get this book for any woman of God in your life who is serious about her walk, she won’t be able to put it down!

  1. Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds | $10.29

This book is on my very own wish list, as it comes SO highly recommended from my sisters in Christ. I can’t stop hearing how much they love it, and how it challenges them to take their understanding of scripture to another level. So I’m being a good messenger and passing it alongJ. I’ll be getting this for myself soon, so maybe I’ll do a follow up book review on Facebook!

  1. Jord Watches. | $199

I received this Jord Watch recently, and can’t put it down! It’s truly a classy and beautiful timepiece that can go with any thing! See how I’ve been rocking it HERE. If it’s one thing I know, it’s that young women of God are just like any other woman—we like to look good too, lol! So you can’t lose with purchasing a signature piece like this Jord Watch, so you or your gal pal can feel confident and look awesome!  Be sure to snag my discount too, click HERE!

  1. Tarte Tartelette Toasted Eye Shadow Palette. | $46

As stated above, Christian women like to look good! And part of that gorgeous presentation is makeup. When recommending cosmetics, I like to suggest the best bang for you buck. Rather than random eye shadows, I see women getting a better deal out of using a palette. This palette from Tarte is absolutely stunning, and full of natural neutral shades, that I’m sure she will appreciate and love!

  1. The Giving Keys. | $19-$42

A few year back, I was blessed to have worked with the founder of this organization, when it was first launching. Caitlin shared with me the mission of the brand and it will blow you away! Read it HERE. Not only is the foundation of this brand beautiful, so are the keys! Caitlin gifted me one, and it’s been one of my favorite pieces years later.

  1. Passion Planner. | $25-$30

As women of God, we got things to do, and not a lotta time to do it! So in steps this baby! I used a Passion Planner earlier this year, and I absolutely loved it. I only changed planners because I’m one of those people that just like to try different things. It’s so customizable and helps you organize your year, month, and individual days. This is one of my all time favorite planners!

  1. Herschel Supply Co. Backpack | $55

How cute is this backpack? We need something stylish and functional to store these stylized journals and Bibles, don’t we?! I love this backpack, a little bit of fashion flair with the flap design, and super great quality.   If your girl is on the go a lot, popping her things in a bag like this will save her a ton of time, and allow her to look great in the process!

Okay, Go Get Em!

It was actually fun putting this together for you guys. I know it can be rough trying to nail down that gift that someone will love and appreciate. So I hope this guide truly aides your efforts to put a smile on the women of God’s faces in your life! Or any woman you want to snag a few gifts for that will help them grow!

And may I add how affordable all these items are? Most of them are not even over $100, so that’s a win all in itself, if you ask me! Please don’t forget to share this post with your friends who’ll be shopping for others this season, This guide is also great to share with your Christian girlfriends who’ll be shopping for themselves soon, because well—treat yo’self!

Hop in the comments and leave me some of your favorite resources as a young woman walk with the Lord, I’d love to hear!

I appreciate you all so much, and until next time, bye loves.