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10 Amazing & Revolutionary Products You Need for Oily Skin

If you’re one of my beautiful readers, you’re most likely a gorgeous, melanin-rich babe out here, making it happen!  And while that’s all good and great, one problem seems to regularly plague my melanin heavy beauties.  Oily skin!  For a few reasons we’ll get into later, women of color are more prone to oily skin.  This is not your death sentence though my loves, there are  TON of products on the market today that combat this issue with ease.  Let’s discuss a few of my favorite beauty products for women with oily skin!

Oil Slick Today Equals Wrinkle Free Skin Tomorrow

While I’m sure it doesn’t feel this way, but oily skin is a great problem to have!  I can assure you by the time you’re 60, that oily skin will have worked in your favor!  To further understand how this skin type can be beneficial, let’s get to the root (no pun intended, lol) of why you have oily skin.

Skin that appears oily, is simply skin that is producing too much sebum.  Sebum is just the secretion of your oil skin glands—so your sebaceous glands are pretty much working overtime, which results in the oily residue being left on your face.

Now before you start hating on sebum, our skin NEEDS it for so many things!  

  • Sebum contains vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that helps repair cell damage and fight free radicals

  • Sebum forms a strong barrier on the skin to prevent water loss as you age (aka—water loss resulting in dehydration…dehydration resulting in shriveling of the skin/no elasticity…aka wrinkles!  Therefore making oily skin less prone to wrinkles!)


  • Sebum heavy skin has a natural ‘glow’ that many dry skinned women would kill for!

 This post contains affiliate links; more on affiliates  here .

This post contains affiliate links; more on affiliates here.

Skincare Tips For Oily Skin

So of course after all those pros of oily skin, I must inform you of some cons.  These cons are merely things to look out for, not to be afraid of—because later in the post, I’ll share some products that can help you address these issues quickly!

  • Oily skin is more prone to acne, because sebum has a tendency to clog pores.  Clogged pores equal backed up deposits on the skin, aka blackheads!

  • Oily skin can be more high maintenance because it requires more touch ups throughout the day, especially in warmer climates.


  • Oily skin can take a bit more effort to shop for!  You’d have to make sure you research before you buy to make sure the ingredients aren’t oil heavy—which could clog your pores even more.

Oh and this is super important:  don’t skip out on moisturizer just because you have oily skin!  Oil is not the same as moisture, you STILL need a moisturizer.  In fact, you’ll become even oilier if you do skip the moisturizer—because those sebaceous glands will start working even harder, because it will notice the reduction of moisture going into the skin!  So drink water, mind your business, and wear moisturizer, lol! 

squalane oil face skincare.jpg

Main Ingredients to Look For In Skincare

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While shopping for oily skin can be a pain, once you know what key ingredients to look for, it gets easier.  Here are the top things to scan the ingredient list for in skincare.  These are things you WANT to include in your skincare products to help keep oils at bay and not clog your pores!

  1. Glycolic Acid;  Helps reduce the production of oils & prevent clogging of pores.
  2. Hyaluronic Acid; helps retain skin’s natural moisture.
  3. Niacinamide; Absorbs sebum and stimulates the natural production of collagen!
  4. Salicylic Acid; Soaks up oil and unclogs pores

There are lot more, but this is a good start!

makeup spilled powder laura mercier.png

Main Ingredients to Look For In Makeup

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Just like with skincare, I have a few key ingredients to look for in your makeup products as an oily skinned gal!  These items will help prolong your makeup wear, be easy on the pores, and keep you oil free for a few more hours than usual throughout the day.

  1. Talc; Mineral that absorbs excess oil in the skin.

  2. Silica; Mineral that absorbs oil.

  3. Sulfur; a Natural ingredient that soaks up sebum in your pores

Pro tip:  When choosing a powder with these ingredients that are colorless or white, be sure to blend well, to avoid flashback from photography!

10 Makeup Products All Girls with Oily Skin Need

Alright my loves, these, of course, aren’t the only products out there for oily skin!  However, I do think this is a great list to start with on your journey towards less oily skin.  Click the links to find what products you’re most interested in trying, and as always, I hope it’s useful for you:-)

  click on each product number below to learn more

click on each product number below to learn more


Urban Decay | Deslick Mattifying Powder; #1

This translucent powder is amazing at taking away shine and keeping your face matte! I love that it's pressed so it's easy to travel with.

Cover FX | Mattifying Primer; #2

This primer is perfect for oily girls because it’s a lightweight, gel formula that won’t clog your pores, and will actually help minimize their appearance.

Laura Mercier | Oil Free Primer; #6

I’m not super familiar with Laura Mercier’s product line, but the few products I’ve tried, I’ve absolutely loved!  This one is raved about by all my beauty colleagues and makeup junkie friends.

MAC Cosmetics | Prolongwear Concealer; #3

This concealer is great for oily girls, because of the ingredients used to make it longwear.  Those ingredients pretty much “lock in” the makeup on your face, so that it doesn’t slide around from the oils after application.  It’s great, but after you apply it, blend quickly, because it dries fast!

Urban Decay | Eyeshadow Primer Potion; #7

Because oily eyelids is a thing, there exists the perfect kryptonite for it, Urban Decay eyeshadow potion!  I started using this, believe it or not, almost 10 years ago when I first started doing makeup.  It makes sure your eyeshadows show up true to color while keeping them in place all day or night:-) 

Lancome | Teint Idole Foundation; #5

This is my new favorite foundation.  It’s a long wear, which is unusual for me, lol, but I love the coverage so much, I just use it where I need it.  I don’t ever touch it up or worry if it’s creasing, and I’m typically oily in my T zone by the afternoon.  

Make Up For Ever | Mat Velvet + Foundation; #4

This foundation was my go-to for so long!  It’s truly flawless, and I never touched up when wearing it.  Like ever.  It is quite fuller coverage though, so keep that in mind if you like a lighter base.

Dr. Jart + | Water Fuse Ultimate Hydro Gel; #9

I used this moisturizer for years!  While I don’t have oily skin, I do have combinations/oily, and I found it perfect for keeping me moisturized but never greasy.  Gel moisturizers are a great medium ‘coverage’ moisturizer for oily gals!

T. N. Dickinson | Witch Hazel Cleansing Pads; #8

Witch hazel is surprisingly amazing at controlling oil in the skin.  It’s a very natural and gentle astringent that both calms the skin and strips it of excess sebum.

Boscia | Black Charcoal Blotting Linens; #10

I’m a huge fan of blotting sheet for controlling oil!  Stick them in your touch-up bag and you’re good to go!  No more powder overdose, which is perfect if you don’t like piling on the makeup.



Honorable Mention Oily Skin Favs

Whew, that was a lot of product talk, and if you’re still with me, you the real MVP:-)  Anyway, believe it or not, I’ve got a few more products to mention.  I included these because they were just too good not to talk about!  If you want a few more ideas of products to try for your oily skin, check these out!



Oily Skin Is Healthy Skin, Embrace It!

So now that you’re fully armed with some phenomenal tools to combat your oily skin, head on, BREATHE!  I know it can be stressful, annoying, and super time consuming dealing with the baby oil spills every day, but take a breathe, get equipped some good products, and slay the day!

We’ve gone through some pretty dope reasons why oily skin is a blessing in disguise, so remember those when you get annoyed.  You’ll be 60 with some moist, supple, minimally wrinkled skin that would make even Angela Bassett jealous!  Okay maybe not, because girl, Angela Bassett is a different type of alien fineness that I’ll never understand, lol.  But you get my point, lol!  Embrace that glowing, youthful, succulent skin, full of vitamin E, and sent from God:-)  

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