A Beautiful Drugstore Look In Just 10 Minutes

  *this post may contain affiliate links; see more on affiliate links here.

*this post may contain affiliate links; see more on affiliate links here.

Beauty On a Budget

I’m a firm believer in sticking to a budget!  I think we sometimes forget all of our financial goals when we run into our favorite vices—whether it’s clothing, food, shoes, or even expensive trips.  Everyone has some area of life that makes the whole ‘budgeting’ thing a wee bit harder to stick to.  But it’s not impossible!  And one area those difficulties don’t have to be in is your beauty stash!  

I love me some luxury beauty items as much as the next blogger, lol, but they’re totally not necessary to slay out here love!  I’m a fan of balance with all things, so I can be crazy about Covergirl AND Chanel, and you can too! 

Not to mention the new products I’m seeing line the shelves at the drugstore nowadays, they’ve really upped their game!  And I’m truly here for it because this way everyone can play the beauty game, no matter your budget:-)

All that to say, in today’s post I’m going to share with you an easy, pretty, and affordable makeup look, with all drugstore items!  You can still have fun with beauty products and look great—minus the huge price tags, so let’s hop into the look!


Everyone Needs A Ten Minute Face

In addition to this look today being super budget-friendly, it’s also super quick!  I’ve chosen a few products as possible to get the look.  I’ve also challenged myself to be able to nail the look in 10 minutes or less.  I definitely hit my goal, and in fact, this kind of look should honestly take you around six to seven minutes, tops.  The key is using the same product for multiple areas.  For example, we’ll use the lipstick as a blush too, and the eyebrow pencil for a little bit of liner.  This is great to cut down on costs as well as time used to apply the makeup!



Everyone should have a ten-minute face. No, seriously, EVERYONE should have a ten-minute face! 

Here are some of the benefits:

  • You get out the door faster; because you know exactly which products to grab and how best to apply them.
  • You can spend the time you would have needed for doing your makeup on other things—like sleeping in, having a longer breakfast/dinner, or spending time with your kids/family before jetting out!
  • There’s nothing like having the peace of mind that you can grab that one bag and do your makeup in the cab or car—and it’ll turn out the same way, every single time.   

Basically, a go-to ten-minute face just makes life easier.  And because I know most of you guys are super busy women on the go, you can’t really turn down a good time-saving tip, you know what I mean?  So, let’s get right into what I used from the drugstore to create this flawless, fast, and fun look.  As you browse the pictures and products listed, begin thinking of how you can achieve something similar.  In your head, go through what you already own in your makeup bag, and begin to single out similar products that you can use in the same way!  Or if you will need to go shopping for some ten-minute basics, click on the links to see where you can purchase them.


My Quick & Flawless Drugstore Only Makeup Look

I used all drugstore makeup to make this look really budget friendly.  Another reason is that I know these are items most people have access to and wouldn’t have to scrounge around for.  

I hope it gives you some ideas and really just serves as a guideline for the ten-minute technique in general. 

The two main ideas here are:

  1. To use as few products as possible, making those products multipurpose. For example—use lipsticks for cheek stains too.  
  2. And to focus on the areas you KNOW you need makeup.  For example, if you have great brows but acne scars—don’t bother with an eyebrow pencil, just focus on your foundation and concealer more.  Or if you have beautiful lashes but thin lips—skip mascara and focus on the lining and filling in your lips!

You see where I’m going with this?  Use makeup on the areas you feel less confident about, and let the other areas shine bright!   Everyone has something amazing on their face, so don’t feel like you need to constantly paint every part of your beautiful face! 

You’ll perfect the technique by narrowing in on your weaknesses, addressing them with cosmetics, and then walking away confident in the areas of your face that don’t need any extra help.  Embrace wearing less!  




For the face, I chose 3 products and were shocked by how much I liked them!  I’ll admit to you, I haven’t used drugstore makeup for a while now, but I’m curious as to what else I’ve been sleeping on, lol!

L’Oreal | True Match Super-Blendable Makeup; N8, Cappuccino.

L’Oreal | Infallible Pro Glow Concealer; 09, Cocoa.

L’Oreal | True Match Super Blendable Powder; N8, Cappuccino.

Maybelline | Color Sensational Lip Stick; 820, Berry Bossy



Maybelline | Color Sensational Lip Stick; 820, Berry Bossy


How to Create Your Own Ten Minute Face Routine

When setting up your own ten-minute face keep these few things in mind:

  1. your budget; splurge on your absolute favorites, and save everywhere else.

  2. tones & shades that look great on you; you want to keep this in mind because this look is all about efficiency—so there’s no time for guessing if you can pull off pink when you know you effortlessly rock purples—go for what you know!

  3. have a separate smaller makeup bag or area designated for those ten-minute face products, that way you can get to them quickly and always know where they are!


Alright loves that’s it!  I hope you found the look as simple as I attempted to make it, lol!  I truly stand by my brand’s aesthetic of effortless makeup, effortless style for SO many reasons.  But this is a great example of just what that means—makeup can be flawless, fly, and fabulous—yet STILL simple.   We get so tempted to buy all luxury cosmetics or just a ton of makeup in general.  Although I do love me luxury makeup, just keeping it real, lol, it’s important to have balance!  Buy what you like, whether it’s Tom Ford or Rimmel, Marc Jacobs or Maybelline!  Just have fun with your makeup, keep it effortless, and keep it YOU!


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