A Minimalist Makeup Artist Collection & How to Stop Hoarding For Good

Quick Minimalism Talk

I’ve spoken about minimalism several times in the past few months, and I honestly learn something each time I do. When we think of the term, we often think of visual images that have to do with cleaning up your home. However being a minimalist encompasses all areas of your life. When it comes to beauty stashes and decluttering, your makeup collection is not exempt!Today I’m going to reveal to you my minimalist makeup collection, AND give you 5 best practices to downsize your own.

Minimalism In Makeup:An Ongoing Process

If you are reading my blog, I can confidently guess that you’re a late 20/early 30 something year old, making things happen in the world, and looking good while doing it:-)If that’s the case, I also can guess that you have a crap ton of makeup stored around and have no plans of slowing down anytime soon, lol.That’s cool.But perhaps you’re here because you actually DO want to slow down, own less, only use what you love, and save time, energy, and MONEY by minimizing your collection.That’s cool too!Either way, I’ve got something for you in this post.Nonetheless, by the end of it, I hope you’ll lean more towards the latter:-).

If your goal is to own a minimalist makeup collection, you have to 1st understand that it an ongoing process.It’s not something you do one time, and it’s then set to autopilot forever and ever.No, you have to actively pursue minimalism in your beauty pantry.That’s one beast that doesn’t die easy!We accumulate SO much product, from recommendations put outeverywhere!

  • magazines
  • blogs
  • TV/Media
  • Professional makeup artists
  • Instagram
  • Youtube

I mean, you can look just about anywhere and find someone telling you what you need to look better or praising what has worked for them.Now, I don’t want you to stop taking advice from others or be afraid to try new things.

Minimalism isn’t about DENIAL, it’s more so about FREEDOM through the act of being intentional. 

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So once you put these 5 practices into action towards clearing out your beauty space, be prepared to keep it up!You’ll have to commit to this goal every week, month, and season!Soon you’ll enjoy the feeling of owning only what you love and what actually works for YOU!

Key Tips to Not Being a Beauty Hoarder

bioderma usa bioderma france

The Initial Comb Through

To begin, go through your entire makeup collection and make room for 3 huge piles.In pile 1, put the things you reach for every day.In pile 2, put the things you reach for at least once a month.Finally, in pile 3 put the things you’ve not reached for in the past year.If you store your new unopened items with your current collection, go ahead and separate them.Put all the unopened products in a totally separate storage bin, out of your daily view. 

From this point, go through pile 2 and smell/inspect everything.If any creams or liquids smell funny, toss them!If any powders are cracked or have a top layer of mold, toss them!Also, get rid of anything that doesn’t fit your style anymore from this pile.If you only wear green eyeshadow in the summers, you probably don’t need 5 versions of it.Go through all the duplicates and any items that are extremely similar.Try to pick your favorite from the options only!You should be left with 2 smaller piles, that should fit in less bins than when you started. 

If you don’t want to toss the duplicates or products that no longer fit you, prepare to donate them.Try to do it on the same day though, while your momentum is still strong! 

The Weekly Assessment

At the end, or beginning, of each week, go through your newly downsized stash.Make sure the items you kept are in a steady rotation somehow.Are you using that bronzer you were so hopeful about wearing “one day”?

Do you truly see yourself wearing the hot pink eyeshadow?If the answer is no, prepare to donate again!lol.

This is going to be an ongoing process, especially as you enter my suggested monthly purchases!

Buy 1 New Product Per Month Per Category

So, I suggest to only buy 1 new product per month from the categories of skincare, foundation/concealer, highlighters, lipsticks, etc.I say this because I’m a realist, and I know shopping for new makeup isn’t something a beauty girl can avoid completely. Not forever, anyway, lol!Plus, I think it’s helpful to allow yourself some scheduled purchases.This way you don’t binge buy out of nowhere 6 months down the line!

Make yourself a list in your phone’s notes or on paper, and title it, ‘Beauty Wishlist’.Keep it in your planner or next to your beauty collection, so you stay motivated to not impulse buy!

Jot down everythingyou see on Instagram or Youtube that peaks your interest.Putting each item under the appropriate category to keep it organized, ex: concealer under concealers, lipstick under lipsticks, etc. By having them written down, you can scan through them with intention when it's time to purchase, so you don't randomly buy things.  

Only Repurchase What You Actually Finish

I know it’s tempting to ‘stock up’ on something when you’re out shopping, but this is super important!Only rebuy what you’ve actually finished using up completely or have 1 to 2 more uses of.I say this because, by the time you finish a product, sometimes you have on your wishlist a new product from that category you’d like to try.This is how you satisfy your beauty appetite and still stay within a minimalist frame of mind!Repurchase your ride or dies, of course, but your empties are the moment to try new things and experiment!Hopefully this will happen close to your planned shop day, lol! 

Don’t Rack Up Samples

This is a powerful little tip that seems silly, but is actually smart.When you go to Sephora or any makeup counter, you probably get offered a ton of samples.It’s okay to say no to them, no matter how good they sound!I can’t tell you how many sample bottles I’ve thrown away, because they sat around and decayed before I got to use them, lol! 

When you’re shopping or looking around in retail stores, unless the sample is something you’ve been dying to try, just pass on it!They can store up before you know it, and destroy the beautifully decluttered space you’ve worked so hard on!

Know Your Skin Type & Tendencies So Shopping Can Be Intentional

I worked up a quick guide for you to be able to have a clear understanding of what your skin is like—thereby affording you to make quick, informed, and INTENTIONAL decisions before you purchase.For example, if you already know you have oily skin that tends to get super greasy mid day, you probably shouldn’t try out that new cream foundation you saw on Twitter.Even though it looked good on “____”, remember she may not have your skin type or tendencies!   Read my blog all about this, here!  Also, you can download this cheatsheet for free, of my top foundation recommendations for women of color!With it being the beginning of the year, this is PERFECT to start out the year on the right foot in terms of shopping habits:-)

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My Collection…It’s Complicated

As a girl who loves some good product, this list of tips wasn’t easy for me to adjust to when I first began doing makeup.If I’m honest, I never even cared to have less as a makeup artist, which is understandable, lol!But when it came to my personal stash, I had to switch mindsets, ignore the advertisements online, and go for what I KNEW would work for me.

I’ve been doing makeup professionally for 10 years, and as you can imagine, I’ve amassed quite the load of products.As the years went by, however, I realized there needed to be a distinction between makeup for me, and makeup for my clients.Thus, I began the separation process, and they are like night and day!I decided to ONLY keep/purchase what I needed, based on how I tend to wear my makeup most days. 

My Kit Vs. My Personal Makeup

make up for ever nars cosmetics mac cosmetics

My personal makeup collection is small.Like super small.Like, are you really a makeup artist, small?lol.But again, I wear super natural makeup 95% of the time!I save the big guns for my clients, youtube videos, and specialized blog posts.If I need a cobalt blue eyeshadow for a brand collaboration, I’ve got it—in my kit, and that’s the only time I would probably pull it out for myself.

I admit it was hard to “own my truth”, as the woke kids say, lol, and be okay with being the “natural” makeup artist. 

But with age comes this indisputable rejection of opinions from others that don’t mean you well.In other words, you do what you want when you’re grown, forreal forreal, lol! 

I no longer feel inadequate as a makeup artist who doesn’t rock a full on beat everyday like the Instagram artists the world is loving right now, because I have a porfolio, agents, clients, and a resume that speaks for me!And it’s not to be boastful, it’s just me being comfortable in both who I am, AND my God given gifts.  I love how I naturally attract the kind of viewers who prefer makeup that's more wearable, just like me!  Ya'll are awesome:-)

There Are 2 Types of Makeup Artists

As I mentioned above, there are some guys & gals on Instagram/Youtube/Facebook, etc., who have made a whole brand & career from heavy makeup tutorials.About 7 years ago, this annoyed me.It actually annoyed every working makeup artist I knew at the time, who was busting their butt on set long hours, with little recognition.

Regardless of how the “beat” makeup girls/guys have been glorified as of late, I can find value on both sides of the fence these days.

For one, I myself have joined the ranks of Youtube, and find there to be much opportunity for the 1 thing that everyone is ignoring.Natural Makeup.The thing that happens to be my absolute favorite!So instead of being mad or annoyed by what you can’t change, get in the game and play to your strengths is how I see it!

There's Room for Everyone On Youtube

Speaking of Youtube, please go show my baby Youtube channel some love by hitting SUBSCRIBE/binge watching my vids, lol.I’ve been working really hard on it, and taking it quite seriously after a year of experimentation.It’ a LOT of work yall!So, even if these beauty gurus never grace some of the ‘esteemed sets’ I’ve been somehow blessed to work on in the "real fashion industry", I have such a respect for their work ethic and consistency on the platform!

Secondly, I feel there is room for everyone.

I’m aware that I appeal to a more mature crowd.The girl boss who works hard, dabbles in makeup, and loves God.She naturally wants to look like herself, but with a few enhancements from cosmetics—that’s where I come in! 

The younger Youtube market goes bananas over cut creases, highlight/contours, strobes, and bakes.And that’s okay. 

Both type of artists are needed, and the beauty industry has evolved SO much from 10 years ago.As artists, we have to learn to evolve with it, but do it in own way! 

I simply think the playing field of online media should be level, and offer something for everyone, the natural girls, the beat face gurus, and everywhere in between:-)

My hope for my channel is to encourage the woman doesn’t want a beat face, to still feel confident & beautiful with a stunning natural look!

My Minimalist Makeup Collection

make up for ever cosmetics

So without further ado, **hops off of soapbox**, here is my personal minimalist makeup collection! These are the basics to my collection, I do have a few eyeshadows not pictured--but trust me not much more, lol!  Some affiliate links are below, read more about that here!


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foundation concealer for black women

Bioderma Hydrabio Serum

Bioderma Sensibio Light Cream

Lucas Papaw Ointment (the most AMAZING thing for chapped lips ever!!!)

Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water (I've used for 5 years here and there, to take my makeup off)

Yes To Cucumbers Hypoallergenic Facial Wipes , my all time fav wipes

Face:Foundation, Concealers, Powders

Make Up For Ever Water Blend Foundation

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Pro Filt'r Foundation

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, my fav!!!

LA Girls HD concealer , excellent budget alternative to the NARS concealer:-)

Glossier stretch concealer, love this for spot concealing blemishes!

Bobbi Brown creamy concealer, GREAT coverage and texture

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose , amazing for setting undereye concealer

Make Up For Ever Duo Mat Pressed Powder, if you're oily--you NEED this

Face:Highlighters, Contour
highlighters contours cosmetics

Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer, #3, theee most natural glow on the market

Gleam by Melanie Mills, any shade is amazing, I have Rose Gold

Glossier Haloscope, Topaz, my everyday highlighter

Ciaté London Dewy Stix - Luminous Highlighting Balm

--new to my collection, SO naturally dewy, I love it!

Covergirl Queen Collection bronzer, Ebony, old faithful contour!

Black Up HD Contour Stick, great to layer under powder contours

Eyes:Creams, Bases

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream, does not budge, waterproof!

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre

Eyes:Tools, Pencils

Chanel Kohl Eyeliners, sssooo creamy and great color payoff

Duo Lash glue, dark

MAC tweezers

makeup artist black brush belt

Dior 5 color palettes, my favorite eyeshadows, color payoff, texture, everything is dope!

PUR Cosmetics Soiree diaries, my new everyday neutrals palette, it's perfect!

Lips:Pencils, Chubby Sticks

MAC Cosmetics lipliners, all of them, lol, awesome formula

NARS Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil

Lips:Lipsticks, Lip glosses

NYX Liquid Suede, all of them are bomb!

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, Fentyglow lipgloss, the perfect gloss for everyone

MAC lipsticks, old faithful--they're so consistently great

My Beauty Plan for the Year

alexis williams makeup artist blogger

Okay, now let’s talk strategy!My beauty plan for 2018 is simple and complicated at the same time, lol.I will adhere to minimalism and only buy what I’m obsessed with.Yet, with my role of blogging and content creation for brands, it’s my job to work with & try new products!So, I’m achieving a workable balance with this and transitioning the products I can’t do without into my personal stash, and items I just like into my pro kit.It feels right.I’ll keep you guys updated on it :-)

My Challenge to You

I challenge you my beauty crazed friend, lol, to make a game plan for decluttering your makeup collection if you haven’t!It’s still super early in the year, so it’s not too late to make a game plan and stick to it!

What are your favorite products to buy for you makeup collection?!What category do you have TOO many items in? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

As always, we can carry the convo over to my Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube!Find me on there and let’s keep it going:-)

Until next time, bye loves! 💋

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