Beautiful Date Night Makeup: 4 Perfect Looks To Try

For the Lover In You

Hello, my loves!  If you're reading this, you may have some pretty cool plans lined up for Valentine's Day and wanna look your best?  Lucky for you, I've got some amazing looks, plus tips and tricks to give you just that!

Valentine's Day is undoubtedly for the lovers and somewhat mushy people of the world (no shade), but they don't have to be the only ones having fun!  The makeups in this lookbook offer a variety of looks, so there's truly something for everyone.  There's a flirty look, a romantic vibe, and of course some looks with an edge.

If you're going out with your girls and celebrating your singleness, this is for you!  Also, if you're booed up and wanna look extra special for young bae, this is for you too:-).  No matter which looks you choose to wear though, let's quickly go over some major keys for nailing a date night look.

Key Components for Valentine's Day Looks

So for those of you going out on a date for Valentine's Day, here are some things to keep in mind.

Wear makeup that's cute, but not too fussy! 

So this means wearing a look that you can feel comfortable in!  On a date night, you want to feel beautiful, but still like yourself.  If you've never worn false eyelashes or bright pink eyeshadow before, this isn't the time to experiment, lol.  A lot of times we can feel shy or introverted around guys that we like a lot, so do all that you can to stay as naturally you as possible.  From that authenticity, you'll draw your confidence and be able to shine like the star that you are!  (hey that rhymed!  I'm a poet, and ain't even know it!  okay, I'm done, lol.)

If you DO go for a bold lip, be prepared with the appropriate touch-up supplies!

Okay, so you've been in this makeup game for a minute, and you may actually get your confidence from wearing more of it!  That's totally fine, we're all different, and makeup can definitely give you a boost of confidence!  If you envision your perfect date night look to be rocking a bold and perfectly executed bold lip, then girl, by all means, rock it!  But, don't leave the house without the proper touch-up kit!  Proper as in, the lip color, a bullet-pointed brush, concealer, kleenex, and loose powder.  You will want to reapply the color, blot the excess, apply more color, perfect the edges with the bullet brush and concealer, then seal it all in with the kleenex and powder trick.  I wrote all about it in detail HERE, if this sounds confusing to you!

Basically, you CAN rock a bold lip on date night, just be prepared to keep it up in between eating, smooching, and hugging, etc.!

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Don't go overboard with color and really thick falsies.

Now, as a makeup artist for years, I can attest to one thing I know for sure about makeup.  Most women rarely wear makeup for the men they're dating.  Women typically either wear makeup for themselves or for other women, lol!  Other women, not so much in a negative way, but in a sort of, I'm in the game too boo, kinda way--much like the fashion scene.

But I can also attest to date nights being a time when men actually prefer to see a softer side of their lady.  I'm totally not saying to alter yourself for a man, but I am saying, if your goal is to look nice for your boo, try something that I know firsthand, most men prefer--a softer look.  Shoot, YOU may actually like it too!

Opt for a setting spray to minimize touch-ups throughout the night.  

Whether you're one of those adventurous couples whose typical date night could be horseback riding or zip-lining, or a more chill couple, who don't venture much past dinner & movie--not having to worry about your makeup is clutch!

You want to spend your night being present and enjoying every moment!  So by utilizing a good setting spray, you have a little bit more insurance on that makeup you just spent so long perfecting.  Now you can rest a little easier and not look in the mirror quite so often.

My rec:  NYX  | Dewy Finish Makeup Setting Spray

Date Night or Girls Night, You've Got Options

Okay, are you guys ready to jump into the lookbook?  I've got below 4 perfect looks for a night out with your friends or an evening with your man!  They're super simple, anyone can do them, and they look stunning.  Let's get right into the looks!

My Valentine's Day Makeup Lookbook

I've put the key products for each look underneath the image, be sure to pin the images for later to wear any time of the year!

Before you hop on the looks, make sure you've got your foundation on point!  If you need some help with foundation--read this:  Women of Color-How to Shop for Foundation

Red Dot Special


I love the red dot look!  It's SO me--a mix of glam with a pop of edge.  I'm notorious for describing my style as, tomboy chic', and this look is pretty reflective of that!  The dots under the lower lashline are funky and trendy, while the red lip is classic and so refreshing!  If you go for this look, make sure your red lip is MATTE!  This way it lasts longer AND won't slide around your face all night!



The Soft Grunge


Now, this look is also very me!  Soft grunge gives you that bad girl flare, while still being feminine with the soft cheeks and warm lips.  I LOVE this look!  Wear this if you're also into tomboy chic vibes and enjoy looking naturally glam!



eyeshadow:  Stila  | Lil' Diamond


Pink Wispy

The pink wispy is the soft, uber-feminine, and romantic look!  I think it's fab on everyone, and so beautiful with a high pony or cute bangs.  I love how versatile this look is as well, you can wear it with any outfit.  The pink wispy offers that subtle bit of chic and super femme vibe for my girlie girls out there!  I included my Fenty Beauty by Rihanna makeup tutorial insert for this look, because I realized it was exactly what I was describing!  If you haven't watched it, please do, to see this look in action:-)


**full product listing & links on my youtube channel! 

Crush Berry


Finally, crush berry is for the ultimate GLAM star!  It's a full-on look, that although still simple, is also very striking.  This look is for my makeup junkies, who are totally fine with packing a touch-up kit of 6 things--just so long as that lip stays banging all night, lol!  Hey, like I said, there's something for everyone in this lookbook!  It's a berry toned, monochromatic look that I love wearing from time to time.  Monochromatic just means, there is a tone or shade of berry on the whole face, so the color palette of the entire look is within the berry family.  Easy peasy and super gorgeous!




Cheers to the Lovers & Friends

Alright, girls, you're all set to get out there and look banging this Valentine's Day!  Whether you're big chilling with your friends or getting cozy with your boo, I hope these looks inspired you.  Make sure you download my lookbook to shop the looks for later and have a visual reference for your recreates!  If you try any of these looks, I wanna see!  Tag me on Instagram or Facebook, I'd love to see you over there.

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That's it for this one ya'll, thanks SO much for checking it out!


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